xl skills

We’re an extra small agency – with extra large skills in advertising, branding and design. After more than 10 years working for traditional agencies in the Nordic region, we felt that it was time to strip off everything unnecessary and work in a more flexible way. Today we work from where ever in the world we like it most, often together with like-minded digital and analog nomads. This ultra-lean way of working also means that you get the most for your money.

Whether you’re a company looking for a campaign to win market shares or an agency needing to win that pitch, Extrasmallagency delivers great ideas. Great copy. Great art direction. 100% fat free!


We’re experts in branding, with experience from big, global brands as well as local start-ups. We’ve built strong brands for companies within Fast Moving Consumer Goods, Telecom, Shipping, Oil and Energy, Technology, E-commerce, sports and more.

Brand boosting ideas

We create and implement ideas that make your brand go boom. No matter the media (or no media at all) we come up with concepts that drive brand awareness, likes and sales with one goal in mind: driving your business.

Eye-catching design

Whatever you do, we can help you look a lot better doing it. Good design is a corner stone in all our work, whether it’s digital, print or packaging design. Why? Because great design is always a good idea. And good ideas always work better with great design.